Plant Listing for 2018

As Christmas approaches and everything seems to be winding down towards the end of year break, we horticulturalists, being forward-looking and ever optimistic folk, are of course fully focused on the upcoming season, convinced as always that next year will be the best year ever. And what better way to illustrate that than by publishing the Paddock Plants plant listing for 2018, the definitive guide to what we hope to have available over the coming twelve months.

As usual there will be quite a few changes, with 63 plants being ushered out the back entrance and 81 new varieties being given the full red carpet treatment as they make their way into the catalogue. Having been very chuffed to list the fabled Abutilon Red Tiger in 2017 (and having found new homes for significant numbers of said plant), we are introducing several other new abutilons for next season. We have plans for quite a few other varieties which do not appear on the published list, including some rather special ones with a degree of rarity value in the UK, so watch this space. Could this be the beginnings at last of a specialism?

Another plant that seems to multiplying in terms of the varieties that we grow is Echinacea. Odd that, as Rob always used to swear blind that he hated the things. Big Kahuna and Aloha proved  runaway successes in 2017, so we are adding a few new faces, while retaining established favourites such as Pica Bella, Fatal Attraction and Green Jewel.

81 plants are too many to give an individual mention to here, but we will try to feature at least some of them in our posts over the next few months. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the list above and make plans for an exciting 2018. That’s what we are doing.

Rob and Joanna – December 2017

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