Top 10 Most Searched For Plants in 2017

According to the little elves beavering away in the basement of the Paddock Plants website, the site welcomed 218,828 unique visitors in 2017, which is is pretty staggering figure, even allowing for the fact that a large number of them were undoubtedly not real people but various bots and spiders sent out at the behest of Google and other assorted search engines. Which brings us to our point. Which is that, although quite a few folk know of us and access the website directly, most visitors get there courtesy of an online search, mostly, it has to be said, via Google, but with a smattering of Bing and other web tools, including links from other websites, such as Facebook or Gardeners’ World (or last year’s big hitter, the West Woodhay Fair site).

And every year we like to have a look as to which were the plants that attracted most people to the Paddock Plants website. And here it is, the top 10 of most searched for plants in 2017:

1    Zantesdeschia Aethiopica
2    Colocasia Black Coral
3    Rostrinucula Dependens
4    Linaria Dial Park
5    Lobelia Tania
6    Thalictrum Rochebrunianum
7    Adenophora Gaudi Violet
8    Geum Mai Tai
9    Verbena Bampton
10   Penstemon Dark Towers

There are a number of things that surprise us about this list. Firstly, it is almost totally different from the 2016 top 10, with the statuesque Thalictrum Rochebrunianum being the only plant to retain its place in the list (Drimys Lanceolata and Echium Russicum almost hung on to their places within the top 10, but not quite). Secondly, only one plant on this list is in the top 10 best sellers list, and that is the remarkably popular Penstemon Dark Towers – for the story behind its success, see our previous post. And thirdly, the fact that the plant topping the list is Zantedeschia Aethiopica. Google that and we appear on page two of the UK results, so it does seem a bit odd, given that all the others in the top 10 muscle their way to a first page result. Stick Glencoe on the front and we do, however, make the first page, so maybe people were doing that.

The rest of the list, though different to last year’s, is not so surprising, as it is made up of interesting, unusual and desirable plants. A case in point is the beguiling Verbena Bampton, which is a lovely and original thing with a story to tell, and it is totally understandable that people should be searching it out. Will it be flavour of the month in this new year of 2018? Will the next top 10 see another (almost) complete changing of the guard? Those little elves will be busy keeping records down in the basement over the next twelve months and will let us know.

Rob & Joanna – January 2018

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