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Every two years, as a rule, we update the Paddock Plants website, just to keep things nice and fresh. Which usually means a bit of updating the appearance of things and rewriting a few pages, but this time it’s rather more major than that, as we are not only changing how things look but moving the website to a new hosting service. The current website is in many respects a very successful one and serves us well, ensuring that we manage to turn up on the first or second page of a Google search for the plants we offer. So why the need for change?

To be honest, the reasons behing the change are probably too technical and consequently too tedious to go into here: let’s just say that it’s something we need to do. On the plus side, we get a fresh look for the website, customers get a more streamlined checkout process, and a number of issues are fixed – for example, when a plant is offered in two different pot sizes, the two different prices will now display properly. On the other hand, our hard-won high placing in Google searches will vanish overnight and will have to be rebuilt from scratch, which is why we intend to make the change – fingers crossed – around the beginning of December, hoping that we may be getting back up there by the time the spring plant buying season gets underway.

How will this affect existing customers? Well, accounts registered with the existing website will be erased along with any associated data, so if you have a wishlist of plants, for example, you might want to retrieve it and print it off for reference. You will be able to register as a customer with the new website or check out as a guest, as at present. Any links that you might have saved, eg to a particular plant or indeed the homepage, will no longer work. Although our basic URL will stay as, there will be other subtle differences that are likely to affect links set up to the current website.

We will advertise via social media when the actual switchover takes place, on or as soon after December 1st as we can manage it, so we hope then that you will pay us a visit on and take a look at the fresh new online home for Paddock Plants. And (as long as Rob can keep up with writing yet more web pages!) there should be lots to interest you: as usual, we are bringing in plenty of new plants for next year, which we will be previewing soon when we publish our provisional catalogue listing for 2019.

When the new site is up and running, we would love to know what you think of it, so do let us know!

Rob & Joanna – November 2018


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